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Dropshare for Mac
Dropshare for iOS in the Apple App Store

Dropshare Cloud is file sharing and collaboration

Capture ideas, share instantly, collaborate easier.

Simple & Easy To Use

Dropshare is your new favorite tool for sharing on your Mac. Capture selected parts of your screen, record compelling screencasts or just upload a file.

  • Capture screenshots and record screencasts
  • Share Extension to share anything from almost any app
  • Drag & Drop to share any file on your Mac

Illustrative Idea Sharing

Get feedback faster with automatic previews in Slack, annotate your screen captures before uploading to make a point without lengthy descriptions and have all of this fast and secure.

  • Automatic previews in Slack and most other chat apps
  • Built-in screenshot annotations and blurring
  • Optional password protection with Dropshare Safe

Fully Customizable

We mean it. Design your own landing page, use your own domain for sharing and no watermarks or any notice about Dropshare Cloud at all. Additionally, the Dropshare Apps offer loads of customization options to optionally set them up to suit your needs.

  • Freely customizable landing page for personal or business use
  • Optionally use your own domain for sharing with Dropshare Cloud
  • No content watermarking whatsoever

Safe & Secure By Design

All your uploads are delivered via SSL/TLS transport encryption by default, even with your own domain. We live data protection by default - Dropshare Cloud is built in Germany and hosted in the European Union.

  • SSL/TLS encryption by default, even when using your own domain
  • Safe data storage under EU data protection regulations
  • Reliable storage with 99.999% durability
  • AES-256 encryption at rest and fully encrypted upload transport

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«Dropshare Cloud is an extremely powerful and convenient file sharing solution completely integrated into the macOS and iOS user experience. At grandcentrix, we use Dropshare Cloud to securely share files with customers, partners and our team.»

«Dropshare Cloud’s dashboard and per file expiration capability give us the control we need, while custom landing pages and domains add the professional touch we want. Web sharing makes Dropshare Cloud universally useful even if you’re not on your own machine.»

Ralf Rottmann, Managing Partner, grandcentrix GmbH