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Dropshare Cloud is shutting down

Dropshare Cloud, the cloud storage service exclusively available for the Dropshare apps on macOS and iOS, will be discontinued on Jan 31st, 2024.

When we initially launched Dropshare Cloud in 2016, the Dropshare apps were only supporting very few cloud storage providers, and we wanted to add an “easy” and “simple” way to share files with the apps. Today, after more than 10 years of Dropshare on macOS and more than 8 years of Dropshare on iOS, the apps support most of the major cloud storage providers (over 27!), and we have been seeing a declining interest in Dropshare Cloud over the past few years.

Thus, we decided to sunset the Dropshare Cloud storage service in favor of focussing to support all major cloud storage providers in the apps, those that you already might use and trust.

The Dropshare apps themselves are unrelated to this change, and will continue to exist and receive further updates as usual. They support all major cloud storage providers, such as Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, Rackspace Cloud Files, IDrive e2, DigitalOcean Spaces as well as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and many more.

Using Dropshare Cloud to upload and download files will be possible until Jan 31st, 2024 23:59. Downloading files from the web dashboard will be possible despite any traffic limitations of your existing plan, and unrelated to a still existing subscription.

In case you are an active subscriber of Dropshare Cloud, we will reach out via email within the next few days informing you about the next steps.

We would like to thank you for being a customer of Dropshare Cloud, and are looking forward to see you as a continuing user of Dropshare on macOS and iOS.

- Tim and Timo