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Terms of Service

1. Scope/Subject

These terms of use apply to the services provided by chaos.cloud UG (haftungsbeschr├Ąnkt - hereinafter chaos.cloud) under the name Dropshare Cloud. The service Dropshare Cloud provides the user, within the scope of defined subscriptions (plans), with online storage that can be accessed by the user via the software applications Dropshare for macOS and Dropshare for iOS and can be used for storing and distributing data and content.

Chaos.cloud distributes the service packages required for Dropshare Cloud as a subscription currently only available through a reseller Paddle.com Market Ltd, J314, The Biscuit Factory, 100 Clements Road, London, SE16 4DG, United Kingdom (Hereinafter: "Paddle"). The full purchase and contract management is carried out by Paddle.

After login at dropshare.cloud the user is given access to his/her Dropshare Cloud subscription at Paddle under "Dashboard", "Your Subscription". The user can also manage his/her subscription directly via Paddle. Information can be found at: http://help.paddle.com

Chaos.cloud provides a user with a valid, active Paddle-subscription (plan) to the service Dropshare Cloud product and performance-related technical support within the scope of the subscribed to services.

In addition to these Terms of Use, the current privacy policy applies to Dropshare Cloud, accessible at Privacy.

2. Scope of services for Drophare Cloud

The information provided in the respective product description of the subscription booked by the user via Paddle is authoritative for the specific scope of the services provided by chaos.cloud within the scope of the product Dropshare Cloud (in particular, available storage space, transfer volume, running time etc.). The performance specifications of subscriptions available via Paddle are available here: https://dropshare.cloud/sites/plans.

3. Location/Security

For the server and system location refer to the privacy policy. The user is responsible for securing his/her data and content; particularly for the protection of confidential data and content.

4. Package change/change of scope of services/termination

The user may change the selected Dropshare Cloud subscription at any time by canceling the current subscription and completing another subscription via the provider Paddle. The cancellation of a current subscription is possible at any time. The subscribed to services are available until the end of each term.

When changing to a subscription with a smaller or different scope data loss can occur. The same applies in the case of termination after the end of the respective subscription term.

Chaos.cloud is not responsible for the protection of the user's data. The user must independently ensure that an appropriate backup of his/her data and contents is performed before a corresponding change of subscription.

5. Accessibility of the user

The user is obligated to maintain his contact details and for the deposit according to current and achievable contact data.

6. Rights of Use

The user retains all rights to his/her Dropshare Cloud stored data and content.

Chaos.cloud is within the framework of the subscriptions booked by the user (plan) entitled to use the data for the performance of the services booked by the user (g.g., for providing the data, generation of usage statistics on the user's request; further information on this can also be found in the privacy policy for Dropshare Cloud).

7. Illegal contents/misuse

The use of the Dropshare Cloud service is permitted only to the extent permitted by law, irrespective of these terms of use. The user is obliged to use the services in such a way that the use does not violate legal prohibitions, the good manners and rights of third parties (e.g., copyright infringements and/or the distribution or dissemination personal right infringing and/or criminally-relevant content).

Chaos.cloud reserves the right to delete individual data and files as well as the complete deletion and/or blocking of access, if legal violations by the user are known and/or chaos.cloud is notified by third parties about violation by the user. However, Chaos.cloud does not check a users' data without specific evidence of violations. Chaos.cloud will inform the user of relevant facts. If the user -in accordance with clause 5 of these Terms of Use- is not available for chaos.cloud for a period of fourteen working days, then chaos.cloud is entitled to delete.

In the case of misuse and blocking or deletion in the aforementioned sense, usage fees already paid will not be refunded.

The user shall release chaos.cloud from all claims of third parties which arise due to an abuse of the provided services and in this connection are claimed by third parties against chaos.cloud.

8. Availability of services/Warranty and liability

Chaos.cloud ensures the user an availability and function of the services booked as part of his/her Paddle subscription on an annual average of 99%.

If this availability cannot be established, the user is entitled to a retroactive reimbursement of the usage charges for the period of the failure. The user may request the refund directly from Paddle. Alternatively, chaos.cloud customer support is always available to the user.

Exceptions to this rule are, in principle, disruptions and/or restrictions on the availability and function which cannot be influenced by chaos.cloud (eg network or power failure, network attack by third parties).

The user agrees to immediately report a failure or malfunction of services to chaos.cloud.

Chaos.cloud is not responsible for the data and content of users.

Chaos.cloud shall not be liable for damages of any kind whatsoever resulting from the circumvention of the password protection and similar protective devices by third parties concerning the package used by the user. The user is informed about this and acknowledges that a binding assurance of the safety of such protective devices is not possible due to the various possibilities of interference by unauthorized third parties in and through the Internet. The user is obliged to adequately protect login data, system access and passwords from unauthorized access by third parties.

Chaos.cloud shall only be liable in case of slight negligence in the case of a violation of contractual obligations (cardinal obligations) as well as in case of personal injury (life, body and health). Moreover, liability of chaos.cloud is limited to gross negligence or wilful misconduct according to the statutory provisions.

9. Online dispute resolution/consumer dispute resolution

Online Dispute Resolution: The European Commission provides an online platform for extrajudicial dispute resolution reachable under the external link https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

Consumer dispute resolution: We have no obligation and also unwilling to a attend dispute resolution before a consumer arbitration board.

Goes into effect: 31.01.2017