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Cloud for Teams

Optimize your workflows with Dropshare Cloud for Teams

Share ideas, answer support questions, give quick feedback with annotations

Dropshare Cloud for Teams is Dropshare Cloud, but with centralized billing and user management, tailormade for professional users. Administrators have the ability to invite users and manage them centrally, controlling settings like file expiration and custom domain setup centrally.

Teams is currently in the pilot phase and free of charge during this time — try it today!

Free of charge while in pilot stage

  • Upload unlimited number of files
  • 100 GB bandwidth per user
  • 50 GB storage per user
  • Custom domain for team uploads
  • Secure sharing (TLS) by default
  • Upload expiration globally configurable
  • Central statistics for traffic and storage usage of all users
  • macOS and iOS app included free of charge
  • Web upload from browser

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